>>~[[doodle..]*animated*]~ LAYOUT by:HIKaru-kun






3.Install the application by clicking the button below.(REQUIRED)







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  1. 1

    chichi said,

    this was d coolest lay out ever,,,tnkz,,,,

  2. 4

    ney said,


  3. 5

    meg said,

    nice.i like it.

  4. 6

    annj said,

    k0nnichiwa!!! arigat0 g0zaimasu t0mudatchi!!! i’m n0t japans3s but i kn0w s0m3 w0rds…. want y0ur layouts!!! s0o kirei!!! kawaii!!! GBU!

  5. 7

    anne said,

    ate,,anG Priiti nG lAyoUtSz mOo..
    qkAwW dEen,,pRiiTi mOo dEen..

    ate,,pEdE mAgrEqUeSzt??

    eUnG mAi nYm q..


    gNyAn pOo xNaHh..

    tHnXx pOo..


  6. 8

    Althea said,

    i really like this…..

  7. 10

    watese said,

    halo..i still cant submit the layouts..aikz..fail to do
    can u help me?

  8. 11

    noph88 said,

    great ^^

  9. 12

    akiko said,

    so pretty and unique,,,, like it

  10. 13

    X √ÕM✖♥ㄨ糖糖の滢滢↘ャ ♥幸福✖ said,

    please post ur comment at here↘

  11. 14

    +cAmiLLe+ said,

    hekhek…..cool nito!!!
    gawa kla pang marami!

  12. 15

    ♥patty♥ said,

    wow..this layout was sooo coOl…keep making beautiful layouts..!gud luck. . . . ♥♥

  13. 16

    gerlie said,

    ur layout is so cute

    i used it.

    tnx u. =D

  14. 17

    buzzer said,

    huy, i like your layout, ut, i can’t use it T-T
    i have followed your intstruction…..
    my friend has same problem too….

  15. 18

    yuuki said,

    nice layouts!

    love it!


  16. 19

    joyce said,

    dis is cool… love dis layout!

  17. 20

    Gaby said,

    i very like your layouts. can u take the doodle’s layouts to my profile please?
    i give you my email and my password. sorry i can speak english much. xp

    this my email.

  18. 21

    Gaby said,

    i very like your layouts. can u take the doodle’s layouts to my profile please?
    i give you my email and my password. sorry i cant speak english much. xp

    this my email.

  19. 22

    mOIRA rAin c: said,

    …e0W!hoW NAiz it IS!kip Up DA GUd WoRk Huh!c:

  20. 23

    len said,

    love your work =)

  21. 24

    bhabez said,

    ..hi, pwede mg.ask kung panu mgrequest ng lay.out.. tnx

  22. 25

    amilya said,

    i already tried your layout and i like it alot 🙂
    can you put my name on it to replace doodle..
    my name is Amilya
    plis send the code to my email: hdn7_2003@yahoo.com
    thanks a lot 🙂

  23. 26

    maviel said,

    hi there!i like ur layouts..uhmm..can u do me a favor?please make some animated layouts for me..please??uhmm..just the same layouts or stlye as this but i want the word doodle to be replaced by my name mavielita..please???thanks in advance,,god bless and keep up the good work!

  24. 27

    allie said,

    ayaw mgwork ng lay-out mu..sayang..ganda pa nmn,..

  25. 28

    nikki said,

    very nice layout! ^_^

  26. 29

    erika said,

    your Lay out was so cool

    can you make me one
    w/ crosover and my name on it..

  27. 30

    gheline said,

    gaganda nG layouts m!! i really love it…pwede po bng parequest???please please please…pwede po crossover layout?? eung banner po pic koh, gnun dn poh sah bg….combination ng blak en pink….andun poh eung mga pix koh sah fs sapphire_aztehg86@yahoo.com….please poh..please….

  28. 31

    jLeg_ said,

    thiz iz very nice layout

  29. 32

    mona said,

    _++ glng

  30. 33

    kath said,

    love it! gonna use it ha?

  31. 34

    Amelia said,

    i really like your layout…^^
    it is very cool n nice….
    can you put my name on it replace doodle??
    my name is amelia
    please send the code to my email : blue_ro53@yahoo.co.id

    TengKyuW verY much ^^

  32. 35

    LeE XiaoYo0* said,

    it is s0o cute!..luv it!.

  33. 36

    LeE XiaoYo0* said,

    uhmm..ur lay 0uts r s0o cute!..but,sum 0f it d0esnt w0rk!..dont know wats hapenin’..by the keep safe and g0d blezz!..:)

  34. 37

    johnelle said,

    gawan mo akoh parehas nito ohh…plz…agyan moh ang nang..

    “”f.johnelle[1][2]..” (yung pink)

    sanah..maganda..huh!!kc idol koh talaga mgah layouts moh promiz!!!
    hehehehe…yung mgah layouts moh talaga ginagamit koh..
    sanah u can grant my wish..

  35. 38

    blabla =] said,

    nice layouts 😀
    lalalurrvee it.

  36. 40

    kate said,

    its so uniQuE i Love iT!!!

  37. 41

    samantha♥ said,

    hiiii ate!!! pagawa akooo ng crossover na layout!!!
    plzzz!!! ang naka lagay is just live me alone !! just foret meh…

    tpzz ang font is katulad sa BANDWIDTH EXCEEDED !!! plzzz tpzz ikw na bhla anuh il agay mu ate tnzxxx ang color is green tnzxx :] luv ur layouts!!!

    ur mu 1. layout designer!!!!

  38. 42

    chrystynaj said,

    vEry niCe…cAn i hAve A request…its also like doodle me..but with ma picture including…thanks

  39. 43

    chrystynaj said,

    lOVe it

  40. 44

    merla mae said,

    hi…pls teach me how to get thise profile…..:)

  41. 45

    samantha♥ said,

    ate pwd pagawa ng layout!!!! simple lng sha hmmmm ang naka lagay isszzi lve u but i cant!! tpz may ♥ <—- tpzz ang font nya iss prng dun sa bandwidth exceeded tnzz ate ang color iszz green !!!!

    lurve ur layouts!!! hintayin koh ate!!!

  42. 46

    ary said,

    hi …
    i like your layout ..
    may i use it, the doodle one??
    actually, i want text doodle change in ary ..
    coz my name is ary ..
    can you make that what i want??
    i hope you will ..

    as soon as posible, please !!!

  43. 47

    mae said,

    hi.. i like your layouts,,,

    can you make a layout from yamato nadeshiko?

  44. 48

    eninorez said,

    nice layouts huh..
    kawai ne..

    very creative..
    keep it up!

  45. 49

    carolyn said,

    miss request naman po..pwd po pgawa ng layout..ung pic ko po
    or name carolyn

  46. 50

    Vania said,

    This is cute layout…

  47. 51

    mardie said,

    tnx for the layouts! NICE!

  48. 52

    Lorenza said,

    i love it…
    so cool ^__^

  49. 53

    geleen said,

    this was the best layout i ever see..
    love it..

  50. 54

    erix013 said,

    cute ng gwa nio po..gwa nmn po kau ng pang boy thx!:)
    keep up d gud wOrk!

  51. 55

    aia said,

    nice layout:))

  52. 56

    Berna said,

    hey hikaru.. i really like this layout of yours…. i think it really stand out and its quite unique,,…. i hope you’ll make another! ^^

  53. 57

    ahgie said,

    hey pwd ka bang gumawa ng kasing cool nto na nka HIDE ang friends? saka fan and groups…o kahit wag na fans and groups..friends nalng naka HIDE..thanks..ang galing moh! sobrang cool toh!

  54. 58

    buzzer said,

    hi, thx, its work finally,, 🙂

    but, it didn’n work again …..T_T

  55. 59

    irna said,

    it doesn’t work on my fs..
    could you send the code to my email please..
    i love this doodle layout

  56. 60

    lyra said,

    tanx for the nice profile that u made
    hope to see much more next time…sooo cool and so kikay..love it sooo much
    go gurl..

  57. 61

    jerre mae said,

    hello… nice tlga tong gawa u n doodle… plwede u gawa new one… tnx… tc kip sfe…

  58. 62

    Sakura-chan said,

    HEY! =]
    did you really make this layout’s background?
    i mean, the notepad-like background with the ribbon and the wood-like BG ? i dont think so. im not sure. if not, you should have atleast asked for permission and credits. =]

  59. 63

    camszy said,


  60. 64

    camszy said,

    ung color gray and blue
    bhla n poh kau s mga designs

  61. 65

    cecile rose said,

    _c”,)..hey! i really like the lay-outs.. thanks..!

  62. 66

    _cY ++ said,

    xoO cUte . Luv iT .. :]

  63. 68

    ellen mae said,

    superduperlicious nice 2 the max . ! lab it ♥

  64. 69

    LaaLaa said,


    your layout was very cool

  65. 70

    LaaLaa said,

    thank you

    your layout was very cool

  66. 71

    jkll said,

    hmmm….what’s wrong with the layout??? sometimes it’s ok sometimes not…

  67. 72

    wyne said,

    really love your layouts…do more ung same nit0ng style hah…sobrang fan moh talaga aq…gawa kah pah ng madami hah…

  68. 73

    lanie said,

    .,.eow poh.,.!!!
    un lng!!

  69. 74

    riz said,

    nice layouts! keep on doing ’em..Ü

  70. 76

    MIchaela said,

    I lyk it there’s just one thing i don’t like on the doodle: the words: “oh shit!” and “damn”=[ i really like it….but i just don’t say these words….VERY GOOD LAYOUT!!!=]

  71. 77

    iane said,

    hei there ms. hikaru.
    thanks for the doodle layout. :]
    i really love it. :]
    Goodluck and more power to you. :]

  72. 78

    Zha said,

    nice Layout!!!!

  73. 79

    cyrell said,

    cute ng layout nio

  74. 80

    pathetic said,

    ate bkt wla pah yung layouts coo ???

  75. 81

    U C H I said,

    ur layouts are so nice…

  76. 82

    jeeaaa said,


  77. 83

    jeeaaa said,


  78. 84

    vieve.kawaii_11096 said,

    so cute……………………….

  79. 85

    karieza said,

    i thi8nk it will work on my profile♥

  80. 87

    nadya..~~ said,

    cute d!s layout…

  81. 88

    krista said,

    yehehey ! atlast .
    awesome layout thanks a million !
    keep ’em coming !

  82. 89

    shendra said,

    Hi Ms Hikaru…
    i really like your layout
    it is very nice…
    can you put my name on it replace doodle???
    my name is shendra
    please send the code to my email : shendra.stellamaris@yahoo.com

    Tengkyu very much Ms. Hikaru 🙂

  83. 90

    shendra said,

    hi, ms hikaru…
    i really like your layout… it is very nice…
    can you put my name on it replace doodle???
    my name is shendra
    please send the code to my email : shendra.stellamaris@yahoo.com
    Tengkyu very much ms hikaru 🙂 Gbu

  84. 91

    charlene said,

    hi prequest amn pOh…e2 pOh name charlene..ireplace nyo poh sa doodle…at wag nyo nah pong lgyan ng bOx ung cOmMents…tnx pOh ung fAv.. cOlor q poh i pink&purle…sna mgawa nyu pOh…tnx…..plz..gwin nyu pOh huh…

  85. 92

    charlene said,

    pink & purple pOh ung mga sulat tnx…pOh

  86. 94

    bby said,

    ur layOut vry niCe..
    thx ya..

  87. 95

    shuggy:) said,

    .. love.love na love.love cu tlga tong layout nto ! sobra ! kxe khit mnsan tnggal cu n to ? bnblik cu prn 🙂 hehe .. gnun cu xa k’Like:)

  88. 96

    melanie said,

    hi buddy, can you create a layout that is white and has a beautiful stars???? plzzzz

    ****well, i love your layouts and i do really appriciate it

    ***just keep touching ourlives

    (*,*) melanie

  89. 97

    pudil said,

    can I requast layouts to you ?

  90. 98

    cm~ said,

    why does it doesn’t work..
    i already followed what’s written there…
    can you help me pls?

  91. 99

    nometz said,

    it didnt work with my friendster profile..why??

  92. 100

    MJ said,

    ate indi gumagana sakin bat gnun?

  93. 101

    lovely said,

    elow poh pede po request
    yung katulad po nung layouts nyu sa fs nyu
    papalit na lng poh nung pic
    kuha n lng poh kayu sa fs ko na pic

  94. 102

    twilight said,

    hi pwd help mo ako hirap kasi gumawa ginawa ko na pero ayaw talaga

    pwd help mo ako?

    ito email ko

    ito naman password ko

    wag ka alala na binigay ko password ko pagkatapos mo magawa chango na password ko

    sana help mo ako kung pwd

    bye ingatz…………….

  95. 103

    ien said,

    the codes are not working. its kinda cute. can you help me? pretty please. :]

  96. 104

    tiffy said,

    oh so cute

  97. 105

    kristel said,

    the codes are really not working on my friendster..will u help me please…

  98. 106

    Virgilia said,

    Hii. This Layout iS Very Pretty. i Love iT Soo Much.
    But iT Doesnt Work.. Kan Yhu Please Help
    Me Out..

    -Thankz. =]

  99. 108

    tina said,

    cant work.kakainis nman.cnunod ko nman instruction

  100. 109

    kariz said,


  101. 110

    chou said,

    hey hey hey!!! i love this… keep up the good work.. nice!!!

  102. 111

    donna said,

    is pretty yet sOooo hard to get..

  103. 112

    yayanii said,

    i cant get tha LAYOUT.. help =(

  104. 113

    yayanii said,

    please help me to get it right. i really love it. ♥

  105. 114

    The Original said,


    Guys she didn’t make that layout, she just ripped it from someone at Multiply. I know the original creator of this theme.

  106. 115

    rachel said,

    bat ayaw po ng application nio?

    nag aadress not found ehh

    plss help me po kung pano po ang gagawain !

    i like dis layout its adorable!

  107. 116

    singlelady said,

    hey..nice layouts..dey are so cool

  108. 117

    elliemarie said,

    love it.c:

  109. 118

    I cant get it plzzz help me!!????plzzzzz……my email add. karen_argonza@ymail.com

  110. 119

    Angelica said,

    Hikaru, please make me one pls.
    Can you put this name: Lyka
    and I want the backround design that it is like a notebook
    And I want that there are art clips like ribbons, glasses etc.
    thanks for making me one!
    And i rili like your backdround!

  111. 120

    jeane said,

    add my email..
    keren layouts na

  112. 121

    Mizx.Kate said,

    ..hEy Pwde mAG TanONg??

    bKt FhO D GuMAganA KapAG pINIpIndOt uNg css generator..

    lUmALabAS pO rIpwAY???/

    BkT Fh ganUn??

  113. 122

    xaira said,

    cUte .. !!

  114. 123

    jehan~ said,

    uhmm ung application nyu nag e-error poh… d q magamit ung layout TTmTT

  115. 124

    jehan~ said,

    ung phallanx…. nung binuksan q sabi:”this application has been suspended”

  116. 125

    ♥apple♥ said,

    love it .. it’s really cute

  117. 126

    moi said,


    i cant save your lay out..
    coz i dont get it..

    pls email me how to use your lay out..


  118. 127

    che said,

    bt ganun?eror pag add ku ung application?hmmff. ..herez my e’add;

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