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  1. 1

    savishary said,

    oi panu ba 2 kunin

  2. 2

    shionne said,

    ei pede po bang gawan mo ko ng layout ung crossover na pink with my name shionne

  3. 3

    nikka said,

    hi hikaru..,

    i reaLLy Love your profiLe.., especiaLL this one (LoLLipops)..,

    can u make one for me?? pLease.., pLease.., pLease..,

  4. 4

    lhaine said,

    ..nAman..d cUh mkuha..hU5..pnu b tOh??

  5. 5

    charles said,

    uhm..w8..d ko gets?!ung step 2?!san ko ipapaste?!maganda kse kaya gus2 ko! dko lng gets :))

  6. 6

    abi2hip1550 said,

    wat up wanna be friends

  7. 7

    sunshine said,

    pwd u me gawa ng lay out with my name.. tnx

  8. 10

    kikay said,

    .ei ?
    , panu b 2 mkuha ??
    , sa step 2 ..
    .san ku ipe-paste ung CSS URL .???

  9. 11

    abby.. said,

    elow poh..di cu na getz pnu kuhain….turo moh poh sken….:))

  10. 12

    patricia said,

    ate bkit ang hitap kunin nang layouts mo?

  11. 13

    sHaToT'S said,

    hi poh..pwd po bang magpagawa ng layout na pink doll,w/a name sHaToTs??!!!kung pwd lng…thank you po…

  12. 14

    sHaToT'S said,

    hi poh..pwd po bang magpagawa ng layout na pink na gothic doll w/ my name sHaToTs??!!!kung ok lng po sau…thank poh..pa add pala sa friendster,worthless_chiq11@yahoo.com.sg…ingatz poh lagi…

  13. 15

    jerimiah said,

    .please teach me how to get the right code. .i really like the lollipops. .please. .please.tnx.

  14. 16

    kimi said,

    ..wow…nice one, jeje

  15. 18

    christine said,

    hi nako nakakainis itong layouts na 2 ayaw gumana pag hindi pa 2 gumana paget na ung gumawa ng layouts na 2 diba nakakainis no….

  16. 20

    jazel said,

    uhmmn,,panu pouh ung step 2??ndi q kxe ma gets eeh..hehehe
    gnda2 ng layout..plz…help me,..^^,tnx…godspeed..

  17. 21

    bobie said,

    how can i get the right code?
    would you help me?

    the layout is nice.

  18. 22

    Phoebe said,

    hihi~! i love your layout!!! and i’m using yours layout too~~! Amazing…
    well can i request for a layout?? erm….background put CHARMMY KITTY,and the style is like ~~Lolipop~~(this layout)… this Pink colour also… wish i can get ur cute n special charmmy kitty layout…coz i never found a charmmy kitty friendster layout that i like…I like your layout style and design…i wish u can do it for me by using Charmmy Kitty’s picture…Thank you!!! 10000000 Thank you!!! ^^(inform me in Friendster comment when u have done it..chooo)

  19. 23

    jazz said,

    ang gulo naman..nkklito ,panu b to??cute p naman sana

  20. 24

    gernowelle said,

    uhmm..bkit pag ki-nlick ku ung generator (HIKARU’S KUN’S GENERATOR)tpos ang lumabas nman ripway..
    pls. mag reply ka nman sa friendster koh..g_nowelle@yahoo.com ung em@il address koh =) thnx tlga like ur layout 🙂
    take care always…kip up da gud woRk..

  21. 25

    lil_kOonYa said,

    eLOw fUh….!!!
    pA aDd xaH fs silence143@yahoo.com
    mRAming tsaLAmat….
    gANdA Ng layoUt…. hARHar niCE OnE^-^)

  22. 26

    _charm_ said,

    …hi i like ur lay0ut…
    gawan m0 nmn ako ng
    layout w/ my namE…

  23. 27

    marY ann said,

    hi..nice ang mga layouts nyo

  24. 28

    novem said,

    wow..how nice nman p request nman with name meg_vem25 with cursor please thanks

  25. 29

    rheen said,

    pagawa nman po ng lay-out.. prang un layout q sa ice_rheen08@yahoo.com and motiff.. peo my pix po from hunny me album.. taz.. may jas_rheen n name po.. tnx tnx.. mwah!!..^_^
    i wana make it.. kaya lng di ko lam panu.. =(

  26. 30

    angie 24 said,

    i love ur layout..!

  27. 31

    clarisse said,

    ang cute nman nG lAyout na toh..kSo di gMagna eh..pNu ko pO bA ila2gAy iLa2gay sA fs ko toh?

  28. 32

    jenny said,

    hello Hikaru,i teally love this layout,can u make one for m?..please please..i’m begging u..thanks..like this one ha..godbless u..just sent to my email add..jesse_jen19@yahoo.com..pano to mkuha?hehe

  29. 33

    bhern marie said,

    ate gawa monaman ako ng backround ung maganda na cute tnx po sana poh agawa moko ung pinaka maganda ung my picture ako salamat po uli

  30. 34

    gheline said,

    wow!!! DHanda nMn ng layouts.. pwede po bang parequest nmn….gheline poh ung name..combination ng pink and black wid pic din poh…please please please….:)

  31. 35

    clarisse said,

    hNdi na nMn gMgna..hAy nKu…uPdated sYa no?

  32. 36

    samsy said,

    thank u i love ur layout it worked salamat nakahanap na rin ako ng layout na ryt for me u r a genius

  33. 37

    bhaby said,

    anuh ba yan ndie cko makuha kakainizzz

  34. 38

    shemaipot said,

    cnu puh marunong gumawa ng layout?!..uxtuh quh puh kze mag pa gawa ee…pm nyu puh quh sa ym quh and add nyu quh sa fs quh.. MAEVIER_MARIAN23@YAHOO.COM… w8 quh puh keu ahh..

  35. 40

    aine said,

    ‘pnoe qunin ng buo?

  36. 41

    jhinx said,

    ung dark pero

  37. 42

    patricia ann cruz said,

    ui saan makukuha ung code nito so cute kc eh…

  38. 43

    jellee said,

    amp..ang hrap nman kunin..hehehe… ang cute pa nman.. pano b toh? will u send me a message in my fs account? thanks!!

  39. 44

    lalala said,

    it’s cute..but i did’nt understand..
    what u mean about generate it?
    and paste to where?

  40. 45

    shiela said,

    aq nkuha q na code nea .. hehe
    kalikutin nyu kxe weh , hehe … ;p

  41. 46

    maevie said,

    ahm your layouts are awsome and it easy for us to generate and put it in our profile..i like to request more of this…more power!..
    YOU ROCK!…

  42. 47

    cheri27 said,

    Are these WordPress layouts?
    Sorry for sounding stupid, I’m just really confused! =( I don’t think they’re Myspace, though…S
    So in that case are they Friendster or something?

  43. 48

    risay said,

    nice layout…pls emaiL me everytime u have new one.thanks tc

  44. 49

    maya said,

    pde po request?nakalagay po ay “KeLvInAtOrS..bad in the outside good in the inside!” pls.pls.pls. po…colorful po yung themes ha!thanks po!tenhcu po in advance!

  45. 50

    mary joy said,

    haizt kuh den huh!!! gawa neu kuh lay ouTs tnx

  46. 51

    mary joy said,

    Ahmf ouh nga neman Wer ung cOde nem ndi kUh mAanap ea!!

  47. 52

    JLIM said,

    It din work..
    …wat should i do??
    i already copy the codes and paste it on who i wana meet but it din come out..
    so i try to generate the code , but stil it din work..

    pls tel me wat shuld i do

  48. 53

    Julina said,

    Hi! I really love ur layouts.. I tried and tried to put the codes in my “who you want to meet” box.. But unfortunately, no layout of urs appeared in my profile. :[[

    Can you make the instructions clearer? And easier, too.. Pls.? I’m begging you, my dear. I just wanted to use your layout ‘coz i really. really L♥♥♥VE it!


  49. 54

    sheryl said,

    hi,pwde mb ko gwa layout un bright colors.. simple pero mganda ktulad ng doodles ng gnwa m.. ang gling m!. kw n nagdesgn.. tnx!

  50. 55

    sheryl said,

    fs ko nlng kw mgreply,d kc ko ngbbkas email.. tnx! shean198@yahoo.com

  51. 56

    ºღ♥εΜο-ςħïq♥ºღ™ said,

    hello po,pede po bang mag pagawa ng layout na crossover po na gothic?tapos po nakalagay po un pangalan q po!–ARJANE–
    pede po ba?

  52. 57

    ºღ♥εΜο-ςħïq♥ºღ™ said,

    thank u po!

    thank you po very much!


  53. 58

    pathetic said,

    hi hikaru!!!! nice layouts! hmm ask lng akoo san ka nagagwa ng layouts! tnzx


  54. 59

    HannY said,

    hi! i like your layout, YOU MADE MY LIFE COLORFUL but the only thing i bother is the COMMENT BOX. I cant read the Whole testi of my friend due to lack of space and maybe because of the size of the box.

    will you help me to edit it on how to fix it?? please?
    how to enlarge the size of the box so that any comment wud be firt in there..

    ill wait for your response on my email or on my friendstr msg.. tnx so much in advance.. hope u will help me coz i really want your layout..

  55. 60

    cream at 'o' said,

    ei panu po b ‘to…
    nkkasar nmn kung ung generate code..

    phelp nman po oh.


    lab lab lab.. ^^

  56. 61

    lady quinee camile said,

    its not working
    and i cant generate it have a banwid

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